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GLOMAS (Nordic Master of Global Music) ADMISSION PROCESS 2018


The Nordic Master of Global Music (GLOMAS) is a joint study program in collaboration with Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland and The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, Denmark.


NOTE WELL: Students are based in one of the two home institutions but will spend one semester in Helsinki and one semester in Aarhus as part of their first year of study. The remainder of the studies will be spent at each students home institution.     


All applicants to the Nordic Master of Global Music (GLOMAS) programme must prove their language skills in English.


Admission to the programme is in three phases:




The application period for those applying in Helsinki or Aarhus is 9.-24.1.2018. The application period in Aarhus is 8 November 2017 – 24 Janauary 2018 11.59 PM.

·       Fill in Sibelius Academy’s electronic application form (application for the audition in Helsinki) no later than 24.1.2018 (3 p.m. Finnish time) at

·       Fill in the Royal Academy of Music’s electronic application form (application for the audition in Aarhus) no later than 24.1.2018 (11.59 p.m. Danish time) by following this link:


It is strongly recommended that you fill out the application form for both institutions, as this will increase your chances of being offered a place.




Pre-examination assignments must be submitted electronically via the DecisionDesk system no later than 24.1.2018 at 3 p.m. Finnish time. The accepted format for the documents is PDF. The video excerpts must be uploaded in MOV format or private YouTube links provided.


Applicants will be provided with detailed information about how to securely submit pre-examination assignments via the DecisionDesk system. The instructions will be available on the University of the Arts Helsinki admissions website:


All documents and pre-examination assignments provided must state the name of the candidate and the degree programme / main subject / main instrument / vocal he or she is applying for. Please note that it is not possible to send any pre-examination assignments by e-mail or fax.


1)     University degree certificate 

2)  Required proof of applicant’s language proficiency in English (Sibelius Academy only) For more details contact Sibelius Academy’s admissions office 

2)     Short video excerpts [max. 3 minutes / excerpt] representing a range of relevant skills. This must include footage of performance skills related to your musical tradition or unique form of musical expression, with optional excerpts from teaching situations, workshops etc.

3)     Curriculum Vitae

4)     Motivation letter in English (max. 2 pages) including:

o   Description of musical and educational background

o   Description of reasons for wanting to enter the programme

o   Description of long term professional goals

5)     Optional sample of previous written material, e.g. studies or research


On completion of the application and the pre-examination assignment phases, successful candidates will be invited to attend the audition phase in person. Auditions will take place either in Helsinki (Finland) or Aarhus (Denmark), depending on the applicant’s choice. Audition dates will be notified via e-mail.




The audition phase consists of 5 parts. All parts are compulsory. An applicant will be rejected if he/she fails to perform any single part of the examination.


Part 1: (10 minutes)

Perform pieces of your choice, which demonstrate your own tradition, musical background or unique form of musical expression. This may include traditional and/or contemporary pieces. Your own compositions may also be included as part of this programme. The performance may be solo or with accompanying musicians. The applicant must provide their own accompanying musicians if required.


Part 2: (10 minutes)

Lead a trio of academy musicians through the process of learning a small piece of music with you. This could be just a small taste of a musical idea or concept and does not have to result in a finished piece of music. The jury are focusing on your communication skills and ability to get the musicians working with you collaboratively. The musicians will be provided for you and you will use musical material of your own choice.


Part 3: (5 to 10 minutes)

Using improvisation, interact and contribute creatively to small musical ideas / pieces presented to you by the trio of academy musicians. No written music will be used. This section of the audition may also involve small ear training exercises, including call and response rhythms, melodic phrases and improvisation.


Part 4: Interview (5 to 10 minutes)

Questions will focus on the applicant’s interests and motivation for wanting to study in the programme, as well as their ideas for possible field work and final project.


Part 5: (60 minutes)

Interactive workshop and discussion in a group made up of other GLOMAS candidates.




The Examination Board will assess the applicant’s suitability for education and a career in music based on all aspects of the audition. The selection process also takes in to consideration the formation of a well-balanced and versatile student ensemble.


The parts of the entrance examination are weighted as follows:


·       Performance audition, ensemble work and interview (parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) amount to a total of 75 %

·       Interactive workshop and discussion amounts to a total of 25 %