global music master degree



General Information

• Name of programme: Master of Global Music, GLOMAS (the name may vary according to national legislation)

• Scope of programme in ECTS: 120 (In Finland 150 ECTS)



Programme Description

The Master of Global Music (GLOMAS) is a joint study programme offered in collaboration between higher education music academies in two nations: Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus, Denmark) and Sibelius Academy (Helsinki, Finland). The programme leads to a Master degree according to each institution’s regulations and national legislation.


GLOMAS is a highly innovative, interdisciplinary programme that is responsive to new needs arising from globalization in the field of music. The programme emphasizes development of “bimusical” performance skills (typically within at least two traditions from different parts of the world), as well as studies of topics relevant to the career of a professional musician, including such areas as leadership skills, project management, and applied research.  


The two-year programme (120 ECTS / 150 ECTS in Finland) is flexible to accommodate diverse student specializations at their home institutions through elective courses and a final project based on personal interests. At the same time, it is united by a core curriculum of required studies offered jointly. Students will be expected to travel to the other member institution for one semester during their first year of study, and will do fieldwork studies (typically during year 2 of their degree) at locations either outside the Nordic region or among ethnic minority communities in Nordic nations. Upon entrance to this programme, students will join an online network developed for the programme to facilitate communication across the two member institutions as well as with advanced students and faculty “in the field” who are already doing music research or performance projects outside Nordic nations or among ethnic minority communities in the Nordic region. 


Graduates from this Master degree programme will demonstrate: (1) a high level of comprehensive musicianship that transcends cultural boundaries, (2) knowledge of both traditional and contemporary hybrid music genres, in and outside of Europe, (3) an ability to effectively lead music ensembles, communicate and teach music across a diversity of formal and informal settings, and (4) an ability to successfully develop, document and manage intercultural music projects.


The GLOMAS programme seeks to play a transformative role at the level of both individual students and Nordic society, by broadening musicianship and enhancing both intercultural understanding and lifelong music learning, inside and outside of schools.



Partner Institutions: 

  • Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, (Denmark)

    • Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, (Finland)

      Course Information

      For Sibelius Academy students, a 5th semester will be required, according Finnish law.    The programme is conducted in a form that allows each individual to develop independently regardless of gender, ethnic or social background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and/or disability.  


        Title of degree in English: Master of Global Music, GLOMAS (the title will vary somewhat according to national legislation)    

      Admission Requirements and Selection Criteria

      1. Specific admission requirements: A Bachelor degree in Music or equivalent. 2. Method of Selection: Based on a written application (including audio-visual material), a limited number of applicants are chosen to proceed to the audition and interview stage. 3. Audition and interview: See application guidelines document for details.